I agree with HunterRose.

Besides, wasn't the Tyson-Golota fiasco declared a No Contest?


I can hardly blame Golota for quitting. That was absolute bullshit. The ref was only interested in penalizing him, and not Tyson. There would have been nothing done even if Tyson continued headbutting him, and those cuts only would have gotten worse.

He is really inspiring now. I mean, he took all that time off and came back and thrashed Byrd!

Adam from Conn, Hard-Hittin' Pollack

Golota earned my respect and admiration more than ever last night, and I find it hard to see how anybody honestly thinks that he lost that fight. I hope that he is brought back soon to win the title he deserves, whether it be from Byrd or Ruiz. He would have a tougher time with Vitali, but I think he could beat him as well.

Why do i have to have a racial slur as a last name?


The fight WAS CLOSE.

Byrd blocked and slipped most of Golotas punches, being the agressor you have to land the punches for them to score.