Gomi = Balls Out, Hands Down

Is his style going to play into Sakurai's hands? I'm leaning toward Gomi but I won't be shocked if gets himself KOed.

You can't KO the concrete skull.

True but his head is not concrete.

I beg to differ.

They both have hard heads. Gomi has gone toe to toe with like the entire chute boxe lightweight stable so i highly doubt he will end up for the worst of it

Yeah Gomi got rocked and then choked out.

I think Sakurai's key to victory will be leg kicks, he really worked those well in the early rounds of the GP and Gomi doesn't seem to check them; his legs looked vulnerable during his fights with Azerado.

Good point, Gomi pretty much doesn't ever kick.

You have to remember, these guys are closer to the same size. In his win over Pulver, he was realistically a weight class above Jens which would negate some of Pulver's power (see Roy Jones Jr. vs. John Ruiz).

Sakurai is more Gomi's size and looks to be stronger. Could be an upset in the making.

I really don't want either one to lose. :(