Gomi = Best Body Shots in MMA

I have never seen anyone use body shots as effectivly in MMA as Gomi did.  He went to the body about 5 or 6 times with solid shots.  I definitly think this had something to do with taking some of the wind out of Pulver.  For me, that was the best fight of the night.  Both guys came to bang and it was a freakin war.  Gomi is now one of my favorite fighters.

Don't take this the wrong way, but every time an MMA fighter throws a bodyshot in a fight someone says they have the best in MMA.

They said the same thing about the Russian who KO'ed Ninja in the GP.

I realize it's a rare thing to see a body shot in MMA but those were solid shots against a good striker. 

Gomi had great combinations to the head and body. His punches also had a lot of power behind them.

Great fight..

fight of the night imo

Anybody notice Gomi doesnt have any pigment in his eyes? Kinda freaky..

The body shots were the telling factor of this fight.

"Kill the body, and the head will follow - Joe Louis"

Those body shot hurt me.

Nope.. even though jens lost this fight.. HE has the BEST BODY SHOTS IN MMA by far.... watch his fights with uematsu in shooto..

just sick power on those punches..

He was throwing and taking bombs.....

OK, I say Gomi had the better body shots and striking all around that night! I might be crazy though!

The reason you don't see the body shots like that in MMA is because it is MMA, and you can clinch and take the fight to the ground when they get that close. Ask any boxer or stiker the real hard fighting is the in fighting, getting hit to the body and trading in the pocket is tough! These guys decided to stand and trade through the whole fight.

In my opinion Jens should have taken the fight to the ground.

Bas Rutten said before the fight that Gomi would win because he had the better hands. Like many I was surprised upon hearing that but he was proven right.

He did? I remember him saying Pulver had the better hands and Gomi had the better ground game.


"He did? I remember him saying Pulver had the better hands and Gomi had the better ground game."

That's what he said during the Pride broadcast! :)

He probably holds less controversial opinions during the PPV.

Bas has the best body punches because he goes for the LIVER! Seeing him get a knock down on Frank Shamrock with one was really neat.