Gomi clowned Pulver

I remember the prediction thread for this fight, nearly 8/10 predictions were for pulver to get the KO, these opinions coming from general users and also established fighters as well.

Now Gomi comes in and stands with pulver all day long and blasts him to the canvas and we have all the american contigent on board saying that it was only a matter of time before Gomi lost.

I've never seen Gomi so dominant, the only thing i saw that really bothered him was the pulver jab but apart from that Gomi took him apart with fast accurate hooks and concusive body shots and then finally ending it with a KO.

It was a great fight and Jens looked decent but lets forget our bias for once.

I thought gomi would win

but not in the convincing striking fashion in which he did


He may have lost, but he was far from being clowned.

Gomi looked unstoppable. He took Pulvers best shot and gave his best to Pulver and took him out in a very impressive fashion.

ok, he was dominated ;)

pulvers days of dominating on his feet are over.

go back to pat and work on the ground bro!

Gomi was 2 big. u just seen why in boxing there is a different weight class almost every 5 lbs. Pulver was the better skilled striker. Size matters in striking.
Catagory Weight
Strawweight up to 105 pounds
Light Flyweight over 105 to 108 pounds
Flyweight over 108 to 112 pounds

Super Flyweight over 112 to 115 pounds

Bantamweight over 115 to 118 pounds

Super Bantamweight over 118 to 122 pounds

Featherweight over 122 to 126 pounds

Super Featherweight over 126 to 130 pounds

Lightweight over 130 to 135 pounds

Super Lightweight over 135 to 140 pounds
Welterweight over 140 to 147 pounds

Super Welterweight over 147 to 154 pounds

Middleweight over 154 to 160 pounds

Super Middleweight over 160 to 168 pounds
Light Heavyweight over 168 to 175 pounds

Cruiserweight over 175 to 195 pounds
Heavyweight all over 195 pounds

I thought Jens would win,no excuses.Gomi fought the better fight and he won.

Jens didnt lose a fan in me but Gomi gained one.

Then maybe pulver shouldn't have struck so much?

It seemed Gomi just piled on Pulver when standing, they'd exchange and instead of having a pause to readjust, Gomi just kept coming and coming, shot after shot. Maybe this threw Pulver off.

great fight.. Gomi looked un phased from Jen's punches.

Seems like that broke Jens a little bit.

This fight ----> BJ Penn = fighter of the year.


Demonclown, He definatly had other options.

Great performance by both fighters in the fight of the night.

gomi is a changed man since the bj penn fight

improved substantially.

Great fight, Pride will have Jens back..

Yes, Pulver did get clowned, big time IMHO.

Pulver will do better at 145.

were you at the weigh-ins john kerry? i was. pulver walked in at 158 or so. gomi cut to 160. i heard he was about 175 2 days before the fight. gomi fought a great fight but the size helped.

he looked much smaller and less powerful