Gomi gets okay to fight in UFC

per fightopinion and Daily Sports Japan.



gomi / penn 2

awsome if it happens,


........ I haven't had a boner for at least 10 minutes, so I appreciate the info.

Sweet, I'd love for the guy to get some international fame and exposure, he's the most exciting LW out there.

Three months ago I would have said,"Yeah whatever."

But in a post CroCop UFC,all things are believable.

Man oh man,2007 is gonna be a crazy year in MMA.

We could be looking at a nice P.R. play here by Sak.

How long does Pride have? 18 months? 6 months?

lol at this ever actually happening....

lol at this ever actually happening....

I know, I was thinking the same thing.....

...... that would be like CroCop actually fighting in the UFC, lol.



Oh, wait......

EVILYOSHIDA would not let that happen. Ha Ha

wa wa what?

ah mma fans, so easily manipulated and decieved.


gomi/pulver 2 could be good if Jens bulked up a little more

razord: Yeah, that pain that starts as a tingle that I've been duped REALLY gets me down you know... Not.

I'd talk about JUST about anything here, and if the topic is on an MMA bent then all the better.

No way in hell will ufc allow gomi to fight in their organization unless he signs a multi fight contract.

Gomi is a great fighter.

dana will turn him down because he doenst want to pay more than 3k/3k for him.

Lol..... I expect better from someone who has been here as long as you....... especially better than this played-out, desparate, piece of shit retort......


You expected all that from Johhny Blaze? A lot of humanity in you brian.


I'd love to know what's going on. Maybe Gomi is a free agent (and about to be picked up by Zuffa), so the Pride bigwigs are already spinning it into good news for them (similar to what they did with CroCop). Or perhaps Gomi isn't a free agent and they're just trying to get some publicity by challenging a UFC fighter and then backing out (similar to what they did with Vanderlei Silva).