Wow. Where was that Gomi in the Aurelio fight?

I want to see Melendez in the UFC. Not just because he's such a great fighter, but because he will have no chance at all against Gomi, who is a much better striker, faster, more accurate, has heavier hands, a better chin, and is a better wrestler. Although I do want to see Melendez/Azeredo first -- that would be a great fight to have in their next US show.

IMO Melendez is still a young fighter with plenty of upside. By the time he figthts Gomi he might well be polished enough to handle him.

GOMI was jealous of Ishida because Ishida handled Aurelio so easily, while he himself got choked out in 5 min.

I knew GOMI was going to be on fire for this matchup.

He punished him with GOMI fury.

the funniest thing was OTHERWISE knowledgeable posters were picking ISHIDA to win.

to me that was INSANITY.

When GOMI is on fire, nobody can beat him.

I think Aurelio is a really bad matchup for him, but Gomi avenged that loss.

Next time he should do the same thing as he did to Ishida against Aurelio.

Gil vs. Azeredo makes sense before a shot at Gomi, though KJ could also get a rematch too.

Gil had reach on KJ but he wont have that on Gomi and i dont think any LW striker can match Gomis power and accuracy.

Gil (and Aoki) makes the class more exciting now though.

The way Gil and KJ were able to get back up from each others tds was badass.

Melendez showed he is the real deal. Love his tenacity. Great division, and it was good to see the Fire Ball Kid back in form

I like Aoki a lot. It's good to see a guy who brings that old school flair/style. And Gil is just so exciting and aggressive. I really wish the LW fights were 10-5-5, I just don't see the rationale behind having the better conditioned fighters have shorter fights.

So what now?

Gil/KJ rematch?

Gil/Aoki that was originally supposed to be?

When is the KJ/Hansen Shooto title rematch?

Is Ishida/Aurelio still gonna a force?

Where was Mach?

"I just don't see the rationale behind having the better conditioned fighters have shorter fights. "

Usually you are douche, but I agree with this.

LW fighters are P4p the best, and they are the best conditioned at the optimal human size.

I think Gomi has had a crisis of motivation, which is why he was talking about fighting guys like GSP and getting a rematch against Penn.

When he comes ready to fight, there are only one or two guys that can beat him at that weight.

Gomi is amazing and one of my favorites in the sport. He could fight Ishida again, and he would not likely have such an easy fight. These things happen in MMA. My wife an I were watching the fight on PPV tonight, and I said to her, I hope to hell Gomi fights Melendez next. I like to make the money, you know. Gomi would KO him, with the only risk being Melendez excellent wrestling takedowns. The Fireball Kid is an amazing fighter. Can't wait to see him in UFC.

Gomi could take Gil down too though...

That makes it an even better bet (-:

Gomi's G&P = Scary.