Gomi Takanori vs Josh Thomson

Hey Peeps With all the Talk about Gomi i was thinking how do you think a fight between Gomi and the "punk" would go down.

My rundown on the fight.

Wrestling and mat control: i would give that to Gomi has a pretty good shoot and controls well from inside the guard Josh tends to move around more thus letting the man room to move.

Submissions: Josh takes this one he trains with "crazy" bob cook, Dan Camrillo(sp), frank Shamrock ,Gomi on the other hand is a combat Wrestling champion but most of his wins was by points and to add he no longer trains at K'z Factory the Mecca of shooto teams.

Sprawl and brawl: Gomi he a Hard Mofo to takedown (if your not bj Penn.....and Yes Chris save your breath we all know you took Gomi down 4 times from the clinch...Jesus Tap danceing Christ...) from his shooto fights gomi tends to come off as a person to take the fight were he wants it.
Josh on the other hand besides being a good wrestler also go took down a few times by Hermes and god tookdown at will by Kid in there fight (not that kid can take anyone down.

Stand up: Josh takes this one he trains at A.K.A with javier and have been known to come out and want to trade....not to say Gomi does not have stand up but comes off as more of a scrapper than skills with hands and feet like Josh.

Ground and Pound: humm... it's a toss up ive never seen gomi Ko anyone from ground and pound but he is pretty nasty in his one right. Josh put Strebendt on Queer street from shots on the ground....i dont know who to give this one to...you guys pick.

better chin: if i have to tell you this one thats pretty sad.....

what do ya think?


.... right i know Takanori Gomi......


Gomi also has an amazing chin

I think Gomi would "punk" Josh Thomson!

good match up. Thomson is a better striker than Gomi, and is also a good wrestler.

Josh Thomson

I think Gomi finished Mishima and Costa with GnP