Gomi v. Penn

Didn't these two already fight with a victory for Penn. Who would win now?

not yet!

when did they fight? and did Penn win easily?

penn dismantled him

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i dont know how to embed




I think it might be a different outcome this time fellas! Gomi's looking tough!

not likely.

thanks for the vid. Penn was quick to take Gomi down.

Ha; someone making fun of Gomi. Priceless!

If you saw the first fight, it's hard to imagine that Gomi would have a chance in a rematch.

"Penn was quick to take Gomi down."

He was quick to punch him in the face when he got back up as well.

the fight would most likely have a very different outcome.

It would be a remotely close contest

Couldnt believe that when I first saw.

Gomi was never even in that fight.

I saw this fight about 6 months ago on the fight network.
Gomi tried to keep up with BJ, but he seemed to be outclassed both on the ground and standing.
I cant imagine it being any different again, but I guess anything can happen in a fight!