gomi vs buscape at next pride

I am not sure if it's official, but definately a strong rumor

how do you guys think this fight will go?

buscape has a very aggressive style

while gomi has a lot of experience and has a fire under his ass since his loss to bj penn

this is a fight that I am very excited to see

I think gomi controls the fight to a jd

but I hope there is a sub/ko in there somewhere

That would/will be a very good fight. I would still have to say Buscape chances are only muito bom though.

Gomi will stomp him.

I haven't seen anything from Buscape that shows he could hang with Gomi on the feet. Gomi by ko.

I think its time for Gomi right into it and fight one of the top guys:

Gomi vs. Shaolin

Gomi vs. Hansen (rematch)

Gomi vs. Uno

Gomi vs. Kawajiri

Or Gomi vs. anyone top guy in the UFC LW div. Aside from BJ, I think Gomi has a good shot to beat anyone in the LW div (not necessarily meaning he will be #1 with a bullet but...)

Buscape would win

great matchup.

won't happen...

So Gomi is fighting Pulver. Sweet.

what do you mean, ryan?

that rumors are just rumors?

Check out entry 1660 at this site: http://otd9.jbbs.livedoor.jp/mma/bbs_plain

Now, add that info to what Monte Cox just posted...

well, that's even better gomi/pulver

pulver is going up in weight then?

or pulver/little nogueira might even be better still

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