Gomi vs. Gracie added to Bushido

Preliminary reports

Vanderlei Silva vs. Yuki Kondo

Cro Cop vs. Ron Waterman

Ricardo Arona vs. Quinton Jackson

Ricardo Almeida vs. Ryo Chonan

Hayato Sakurai vs. TBA

Takanori Gomi vs. Ralph Gracie

Tamakairiki vs. TBA

Matt Hume vs. TBA

Card is gonna rock !


Minowa's name has been mentioned for this card as well. He could be an opponent for either Hume or Sakurai.

Arona-Jackson??? Wow!!!!!

I don't know anything about Gomi, but I hope he wins.

When is the US premiere of this?

I am still amazed that Ralph was able to come out of the woodwork and beat a legit LW top 10er at the time in Mishima.

Impressive for sure.

But Gomi is another task. Absolute huge win for Ralph if he gets past him.

Awesome fight.

Gomi will stomp a mudhole into Ralph.

awesome card

I have to go with Gomi, but then again I thought that Mishima would beat Ralph handily as well.

Yes, it would be amazing if Ralph could pull off this win. You would be at least top 3 in his lbs class.

But Gomi is another task. Absolute huge win for Ralph if he gets past him.And if Ralph does win, Im sure you'll jump all over the forum to let us know that Ralph won using pure Judo...and how Ralph is a pure judoka.

When is this card supposed to happen? And why the fuck is Cro Cop fighting Waterman again? Cro Cop should fight Coleman, and if he wins, he gets to fight Randleman again after the GP tournament.

This is the best Pride card so far this year.

And finally, Bushido will be on same day tape delay. :D

sources for this card?

This is a banging card. Hope Brennan fights Hume.

"good thing we'll have to wait a month or two for the ppv"

It's same day tape delay, according to Mauro Ranallo(sp?) on the last PPV.

Brennan is not fighting on this one.

Who in the world wants to see a rematch between H2Oman and Crocop? Will this be the new Sak and Silva?

Ya, I would have to favour Gomi but after Ralph bested Mishima out of nowhere, he cant be counted out.

I'd like to see if Gomi could GNP his way through Ralph's guard but on the other hand it would cool to see them box it out too.

Matt Hume?!!! I'd be amped to see him in action again. He's a very good fighter--at least he WAS very good.