Gomorra Season 3

Couldn't find a thread on this, is anyone watching?


This show just gets better and better. Game of Thrones aside this might be the best show ever made in my opinion.


Im on episode 8 at the minute, it's fucking epic.

Yeah watched it all. Great show. Up there with the very best.


S3 IMO was not quite as great as 1 & 2 but it was still pretty damn good.

One of the best shows I've seen, won't spoil season 3 for OP but I thought the ending was great.

I actually thought s3 was best so far. Really liked it!  


Ciro though.. 

Yeah I've heard the ending is a WTF moment....so don't spoil it for me haha!


I've got 5 episodes left so I'll get through them all tonight and tomorrow.


I believe they've already signed off a 4th season haven't they? I hope so, it's an amazing show 

Been trying to find a reliable place to watch this. Netflix only has 1 and 2. 

Did not even realize it was released.....

Where to watch?

I've just seen the ending....wow

Season 3 fell off dramatically 

A good we'll run game of ADnD is better than GoT


S3 lost the plot a good bit. but the acting and cinematography was so good it still ended up being awesome.

I loved Season 3, it was clear something big would happen at the end but I wasn't expecting that!


Gutted we have to wait another year for season 4

LOL I loved the first season and didn't even know that the second one came out. Thank you for making this thread

Invisible vote ups 4 Lyfe 

Grendelplata -

LOL I loved the first season and didn't even know that the second one came out. Thank you for making this thread

At least you've got 24 more episodes to watch haha

You can stream it on putlockers dot la

Watching the finale tomorrow night

Finished 3rd season. Thought it was on par with the other 2. 

As someone who’s family comes from Naples, it kinda blows my mind what a fucked up culture and mentality they have there. I have seen the American mafia up close (which technically is not the same thing as the the Carmorra, even in Italy. Mafia is Sicilian) and they rob, murder and steal, but the level of violence over there is just not comparable. 

The show is great as a show, but apparently frightingly realistic as well. It’s pretty much what would happen if The Sopranos fucked The Wire and the baby grew up in Scampia. 

It's one of the best shows of all time in my opinion. Everything about it from the acting, the sets, the music.


Game of Thrones has to be the greatest because of the grand scale of it but Gomorra could well be second for me.