Gomorrah season 5

I seem to remember the series ending with Ciro killing the boss ( Genys father )

Seems like at a grave yard

Am I mixing this up ?

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It happens but it wasn’t the end of the series

Thanks, I think you’re right.

I just put on The Immortal movie and it started on the boat. Wish someone would have told me this before watching half of season 5, lol.

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Don’t feel bad, I watched it after I finished the series. I’m on the last episode of Suburra season 1.

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Just finished The Immortal, pretty good. Fills in a few banks.

Still have 2nd half of Season 5 to finish now.

I’m still not sure why Ciro is pissed at Geny though?

Geny was pissed at Ciro for staying away after he fell off the boat (he did so to protect Geny) but not sure why Ciro is mad and after Geny now.

That was the ending of season 2, the last excellent season.

Never heard of this show. Worth watching?

A lot in the last season didnt make sense. Like why geny builds a prison for ciro like hes a bond villain.

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Season 4 was amazing, season 5 (and even with the return of Ciro) is definitely not grabbing me. More confusing than anything…not even sure who the “good” and “bad” people are…I guess in reality they’re all bad guys.

Yes just stop with season 3, seasons 1 and 2 were some of the best tv ever made, season 3 was still good but dropped off a bit and seasons 4 and 5 were shit, after season 2 it becomes the genny and ciro show where they abandon what made the show so great, anyone can die. Seasons 1 and 2 they showed the real Gomorrah they didn’t romanticize it, a young kid steps out of line he has to go, his girlfriend might know where he is she’s getting tortured never mind that she’s 13 years old. It was brutal and awesome.

Struggling with Season 5, it’s all over the place.

Episode 6 did have a shocking moment with the sledgehammers and caskets scene…

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Just finished Season 5…man I’m bummed it’s over. Pretty good ending to the series I guess. Fun ride over all of the seasons, love how the same theme music is used in all of the episodes, going to miss that.