Gonchar to bruins

Thats what they are saying here on tsn, Gonchar to the bruins for shaone morrisson and 2 draft picks

Man teams are loading up, habs get kovalev and gainey bascially said in the press conference he isn't done yet, this is going to be a great finish to the year and a great playoffs

Hey leaf fans what is your team waiting for?? gilmour to come out of retirement?

Nothing official as according to the NHL and TSN news pages

And unloading Gonchar on an eastern conference team would be pretty stupid IMO

Right now it is looking like Pronger might get dealt if St Louis can find their stride before the deadline

and I am hopping the avs will get Gonchar and then get Dallas Drake too


Thank God, the Leafs don't need another puck mover.

its official and thank god, the bs needed him

they arent done with trades yet either...look for the bruins to pick up another forward...

i am sad to see morisonn leave, promising young player

oh well

leafs are in serious talks to get brian leetch from NYR

Didn't realize it was the final year of his contract

So, its official...oh well, The positive thing for the avs it that for now morris is staying put

Leetch fits in just perfectly with the leafs, another old man, what is he like 37 now?