Gonna be 6 long months

till the season starts up again. To everyone who still has their team still in the playoffs, FUCK YOU. Hopefully Isaiah can pull off another miracle this summer.

It won't matter. :)

6 months until Allan Houston resumes not earning $100 million and destroying all of the Knicks' hopes for the future.


it's hopeless mang

what were they thinking with allan houston?

Layden was watching that whoopi movie "Eddie" and got inspired to do even more stupid shit with the Knicks.

"Isaiah can pull off another miracle this summer. "

another miracle? what was the first miracle? All he did was take an old Yugo and turn it into an old Yugo with big rims, racing stripes, with purple dice hanging from the rearview mirror.

Thomas was one of the best pg ever, but he's WAY overrated as both coach and GM.

i'll take marbury, nozr mohammed penny hardaway and tim thomas over charlie ward, howard eisley, keith van horn and clarence weatherspoon anyday. If Mohammed stays out of foul trouble he is a very servicable center and is still only 26, he averages like 8 and 6 I dont think a jump to 10 and 10 would be too out of reach if he plays alot of minutes.

Everyone said that Thomas should have stopped before he traded Van Horn, but if anyone's watched Van Horn's playoff appearances last year and this year they'll know that this guy just dissapears.

2004 season average: 16.1ppg 7 rpg
2004 playoff average: 6 ppg 2.7 rpg

van horn is a fucking piece of shit im glad they traded his honkey ass away

Fuck you ya faygot ass biggot, and fuck reparations too!!!! lol ;)

Van horn is better than Penny and Tim Thomas combined

Van Horn is a solid player. I think Tim Thomas will always be on the verge of being a good player but never quite turn the corner.

If I were Isiah, I would trade almost everything except Marbury, and just go after ONE good frontcourt guy. I've always said the way to win in basketball is through the fast break and through the low post.

If you could finagle a way to get Zach Randolph, Emeka Okafor, or someone like that it would be worth a hundred Allan Houstons.

Everyone on the Knicks is fugazy.

Marbury is good for the KNICKs. But damn...they need a post up player badly...they got a bunch of perimeter shooters.