gonna bench next monday.

I want to max out for the 1st time in quite a while.

Got 405x3(4th w/a little help)yesterday and am feeling good,(bad/weakened shoulder and all.)

I really wasnt to try to put up 450 next week,but I wonder if that is just too ambitious.

BP is the only lift I ever fail on sometimes when I go for it and when I fail I usually stop benching for a long time and get pissed.

What # do you guys think I should attempt?


How much do you weight? Go for the world record.

anyone want to respond?

voorhees - anyone want to respond?


Thanks Rali,anyone else?



Golden Arm - 420

I know I can get that.

405x3 would put me around 445. 450 should be close for you, I think its a good number.

How's your 12in. penis by the way?

I wonder what is more deadly...

A BJJ blue belt or a 450 lb. bench press?

What say you UG?


Only 450? Your dick must be shorter than the UG ave 12".

Thanks Jeremy,what is wrong w/the rest of you?

450 sounds optimistic to me if 405 for three was a limit-set, but I'm a terrible bencher, so I extrapolated the numbers from other lifts wich doesn't exactly have to work out. I'd go for 441, that's 200kg. If you bag that, make an attempt at 450.

How do you warm up to bench your maxes? A progressive loading warm up and attempt strategy should guide your max attempts.

Your strength levels will also vary day to day, and those progressive sets combined with how you feel will be a good indicator.

When you've warmed up to make your first attempt, take the 1rm you KNOW you can handle on that day, add 20-30lbs to it, and unrack the weight, do an isometric hold clenching the bar as tightly as you can and hold for 6-8 seconds.

This will further prime your CNS.

Then wait 5-7 minutes, and make an attempt using your known 1rm plus 5-20ls, depending on how ambitious/strong you felt on the static hold.

Make the attempt, if you cleared it without too much trouble, wait another 5-10 minutes.

A lot of this is going to depend on your experience, and your ability to listen to your body. You should know better than anyone on here how much you should attempt, unless someone here has personally worked out with you or trained you on a regular basis.

440 or 445 I would say... or say f it and go for the PR

1,000 lbs

Ignore all these jerk offs saying 1,000 pounds, they're just jealous and posting unrealistic numbers.

999 pounds.

I like how he starts a thread just to tell everyone how much he benches, trying to act like he's really just curious as to what other people thinks he should try to lift.