Gonzaga: I want to be the UFC champion

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                                Gonzaga: I want to be the UFC champion 
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                    <p>Gabriel Gonzaga is 4-1 since returning to the UFC after being released and is hoping to crack into the top five in the division, and earn himself a world title fight:&nbsp;</p>

"I wasn’t sure what did I want in the past," he said on his retirement in 2010, "but now I know that I want to be the UFC champion."

"I believe I can beat anyone, but you have to have some luck when the time comes. I lost to Randy Couture because of an accident during the fight, and I believe things could have been different if I had better luck."

Gonzaga has earned a shot to the UFC gold in 2007, after he stopped Mirko "Cro Cop" Filipovic, but was defeated by Couture four months later. More experienced, "Napao" believes he can beat anyone, including Cain Velasquez, to become the best in the world.

"(Velasquez) is a tough fighter, but everybody looks up to the champion and studies his games," he said. "He has some flaws in his game, and I’d need to be ready for this fight."

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The only area I see Gonzaga struggling is Cains pace. That's honestly the biggest problem all of these heavyweights have to beat. Phone Post 3.0

Dude used to scare the shit out of me back in his 'kicking CroCop's head off' days.  He is still a beast and is a dangerous fight for anyone.  Plus he's been active as hell.  Fought 4 times in 2013 and again in January of 2014.  Will have fought 5 times in about 12 months for UFC.

war Gonzaga.

Will never beat JDS or Cain. Phone Post 3.0

A very very dangerous fighter.

Can knock you out with a punch or a kick and has some of the best submission skills in the division. He is also powerful and tough as nails.

Would love to see him get a title shot and finally win the belt.

JDS made him look bad and Cain would make him quit from accumulation in under 3 rounds. I think he is insanly talented and one of the best, but outside of a fluke shot he can't beat the top of the division.

Dude is the owner of one of the greatest OMFG moments of all time and he knows how to peel a banana.





fakezaga believes in the real 'zaga.

Galanis -

I'll support Gabe til the end. Great fighter, great guy. He has always had all the tools - it's just a matter of him putting it together the right way.

This. War Napao! Phone Post 3.0

Does he really? This must be breaking news.

Werdum seems to have his number.

Letibleu -



This is amazing, been peeling bananas like a fool for sooo long Phone Post 3.0

War Gabe! Phone Post 3.0

I thought the phrase "knows how to peel a banana" was meant to be a euphemism for his submission skills. Like peel a banana = rip off a limb.

But then I saw the video and now I can't stop fucking laughing.

'The Gonzaga era'. That would be hilarious Phone Post 3.0

I want Christina Hendricks to sit on my face but that aint happening either.

I think that the WarHamster beats him to a bloody pulp which is a shame as Gonzaga is the reason I spat gatorade out of my nose while watching him run and dive into a wall!

Lol who the hell doesn't want to be champion? "Yeah I'm only fighting in the UFC to try and be the best gatekeeper ever! "

Gonzaga is always fun to watch, but no one's taking that belt from Cain imo. At least no one at the moment. JDS will murder every contender until someone new and unstoppable comes along. I just don't think Gabe is that guy. Phone Post 3.0