Gonzaga put Carwin on his back....

^ Carwin wears bigger gloves than Brock

Brock arse slurpers are gonna cry like Brock after Carwin caves Brocks face in

Aleck911 - 
canuck34 - "Lesnar's biggest win is against a 220lb guy who broke Gonzaga's will to fight after Gonzaga broke his freakin arm."

Will to fight was lost by nose break from accidental headbutt.

Carwin threw off a 255lb BJJ black belt world champion grappler like he was a school girl.

His nose was broken by a headbutt? I thought it was something else. I can't remeber what tho.

Nope. Headbutt from Randy when Randy took him down.
Gonzaga was all rattled for the rest of the fight and basically quit.
But...thats usually what Randy does to people.
Chuck quit more or less, Vitor quit, etc etc.
Randy wins by grinding them out and making them not want to fight anymore.

Veal cutlets.. That was classic

Uh....let Gonzaga punch you 3x, pulverizing your nose so badly that you need reconstructive surgery, and we'll see how well you defend the takedown.

Since you are new to MMA and combat sports, I'll explain something to you: everyone gets hit, everyone gets taken down, and everyone taps (though perhaps in training). It's how you respond after you get hit, taken down, and submitted that matters. Shane did real well.

Otherwise, using your logic, since a much smaller Handy took Brock down, Shane will take Brock down and smash him.

Chimonos Revenge - Nope. Headbutt from Randy when Randy took him down.

Watch it again. Randy's head comes nowhere near Gonzaga's face, though you can easily see his own knee fly up and hit him in the nose.

Though Brock hasn't shown knockout power, he broke Herring's orbital bone with the very first punch of the fight. He's going to hurt you bad if he connects.

Bobby Lupo -  This Carwin bandwagon is going to have plenty of refugees very soon. Brock is going to brutalize him

lupo, never wrong.

I'm a fan of Carwin but I think Brock is going to smash him.

Carwin needs more time to develop his skills

Carwin is wallking around at 280 or so right now...he'll be fine

Brock is going to be way to slow at 550 pounds with all you fags dangling from his sack

Carwin Brutal 2rd KO