Good 1st fight in UFC for Ryan Couture?

Who do you think would be a good 1st fight for Ryan in the UFC?

Yves may be too much for him but I think that'd be an exciting fight!


What's UFC? Phone Post


Justin lawrence Phone Post

He should fight in the WFA

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Hmm, I have to think about this one.  I think he has potential, would like to see him against someone in the top 20, not top 10.

Paul Sass

Wesley Snipes?

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Homosecs forum is that way (-------------


Wilfred Fredrick Anderson.

Ben Affleck

Moved to UG.

Mark Bocek

Lyoto machida.

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Him and Gleison Tibau would match up well and it would answer a lot.

Steven Seagal! Phone Post

Jon Tuck