good ab routine

I do weights 2x a week (total body workouts) do bjj 3x a week. I do a 5x5 workout of basic compound lifts. I only do 3 to 4 exercises consisting of bench, squats, deads, bentover rows, lunges stuff like that.

What I need is a good ab workout for after the lifting. Sometimes I do v-ups or turkish get-ups or just crunches its just inconsistent cause I am not sure what to do I really would like a good routine.

I would want a good overall compound exercise. For example do this exercise for so many reps rest x amount of time repeat for 3 circuits after you can do 3 circuits increase reps to this much something like that.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

Any kind of overhead work, Oly lifts, L sits, hanging leg raises etc. Mix it up. Look at for ideas.


Why would you do the ab workout after training, why not as part of your workout? If you are incorporating heavy squats and standing overhead lifts you have your ab workout right there.

Ab Wheel

I do an upper ab exercise (eg crunches), a lower ab exercise (eg leg raises), a side exercise (eg side bends), a back one (eg hyperextensions) and a 'core' one (eg weighted plank)

I do this weighted for approx 2x10reps each

I have found that my overall grappling and striking strength has improved since I've been doing this (... and it makes you look nicer)

Apparently i'm in the minority here, but i've never got why so many people classify squats, overhead work, etc, as ab work.

I used to work on a construction site, carry odd objects in all sorts of positions, for eight hours a day. Followed up by going home and lifting weights 2-3 times a week, including squats and overhead squats.

My belly remained soft and pretty flabby until i started training boxing and doing more direct ab work like crunches, flutterkics, etc.

If i do squats or OH squats today i feel it in my legs, and sometimes my lower back. But never in my abs. =/

i'm with hulc and djpudd

doing overhead lifts like oly's and OH squats strenthen your overall core which includes your entire abdominal region. Anything where you are forced to keep your trunk straight will work your core. You won't get a six pack but it will strengthen your core. Are there better and more site specific exercises of course there are, like an ab wheel or hanging leg raises. But if you want to develop real core power nothing beats OH squats and oly's


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