Good Beginners Poker Books?

First off I never realized there was a Poker forum until someone on the OG pointed it out, this is pretty kick ass.

Anyways, over the past year my friends and I have started playing poker more and more frequently, even though we keep it on the cheap ($10 buy in, sometimes $20), I'm still interested in learning more about the game. Can anyone recommend any good books? I was checking out but it just seemed like they're were a ton of books with good reviews, so I figured i'd might as well ask on here before going with some random reviews. We mostly play the standard Hold'Em, but we some times mix in a couple hands of 5 card draw. Anyways, I want to start to improve my game, no real reason, I normally come out ahead as it is, but I just want to learn the finer points of the game and was hoping someone on here could recommend a good book for a beginner. They're low value games but there's no limits on raising or anything.

Well, if someone could recommend a good book or two for getting started I'd really appreciate it. Thanks, sicko

"Winning Low Limit Hold'Em" by Lee Jones does exactly what it says on the tin.

I agree whole heartedly with the Jones book. One thing to consider, playing in home games are usually more for fun so you will probably end up playing more games than suggested in the book. It works great at casinos where you are not there to socialize but to take other people's money. I also bought Caro's book of poker tells. Great book for reading beginners and covering up some tendencies about yourself that you may have not noticed.

Good Luck

"Winning Low Limit Hold'Em" by Lee Jones is excellent. I won $100 (started with $100 and doubled up)this weekend again at Hustler casino playing the 3/6 game by sticking the advice and playing a very tight aggressive game. It also helped that I go quads 3 TIMES (QQQQ, 6666, 3333). All in the course of 6 hours.

2 biggest things from the book:

1). Play only good cards in the right position. When you do have this opportunity (which is maybe 10% of the time) show no mercy and punish the people who play most of their hands.

2). If there is any reason for you to get out of a hand, do it. Especially Low Limit where people will play to the end with anything and will catch straights, flushes and trips on hands most "good" player would never play.

So again:

1). Tight aggressive play.

2). Look for a reason to get out of a hand

Thanks for the tips. I bought "Winning Low Limit Hold'Em" by Lee Jones, and Caro's book of poker tells. I bought them after the first reply to this thread but before the third so I'm glad to see that someone else recommended the book of tells. Anyways I got them last week and they both seem really good, the book of tells seems dated in that the pictures are from like the early 80's but the information seems pretty good.

I haven't had much of a chance to sit down and read either of them but the little bit I have flipped through them both books seem really good.

Also, a friend of mine also has the book "Ken Warren Teaches Texas Hold'em" And from what I read from it it seems really good, well written, and just all around good for someone getting into playing Hold'em

I might try out Jones book too!

I have caro's poker tells video and it's pretty good.

I also have Ken Warren's book and that is excellent as well. Ken Warren's book is very easy to digest, even easier than Lee Jone's book. Both complement each other well.

I have the first Slansky Hold em book that is good, but a little harder to understand. The good thing about that book is that it talks a lot about how to win the most money from a hand, something not mentioned as much in the other books.

My first book was the Hellmuth book. Reading that one and super system were a good combo.