good bye and good luck

i'm throwing in the towel.

for the past year and a half, i have grinded my way to a current bankroll of $4K. many ups and downs with SnG's and cash games. i am profitable, but it is simply not worth the time for me. it is essentially a non-social data entry job. i have burned hundreds if not thousands of hours in front of a monitor for essentially minimum wage.

i am cashing out my roll on full tilt, will just keep the 350 on WPX and play once in a GREAT while to wind down for the night.

i will also hit the live poker room every so often, but my days of grinding are definitely over.

best of luck to you all that still hope to make this a lucrative profession.

i envy those of you that are successful and do this for a living.

the pipedream is over. peace out.


i've started at the bottom SnG's and went all the way up to 114's. my roll maxed out at about 9K. went through 3 rollercoasters and am calling it quits with about 4K.

There is just much better things to do with my time instead of sit in front of the monitor.

Cash game! Screw SNG, do the cash game!

Some people are better at some poker games than others. Maybe that mathmatical nature of SNG's isnt quite your thing?

well, like most hobbies or activities in life, u will stick with some, and forget about others.

it just depends on how much time u have. if u have a family, etc, then u need to devote appropriate time to them, and then spend whatever is left over for ur hobbies. if u feel that poker was taking away from what other things u enjoyed then its great that u acknowledged that.

good luck with whatever u choose to do with ur spare time now.

Sorry things didn't work out better for you. Good luck with whatever you try next.

Ok bye. Dont ever come back on this forum since you are quitting like that. Maybe you should have read more or had more patience when playing. Try backgamon or Clue.

sorry to hear that

most of your SNGs were turbos, right ? im not fond of turbos at all

Mimi go fuck yourself.

my run on poker was profitable but i have better things to do than grind at a table or in front of the monitor.

you're just a worthless poker troll wannabe as shown by your worthless posts. "why do we care?" "ok bye." what a loser.

ng- the majority of my play was with turbos, yes.

Sorry you had to give up, mpthief. Hope you still play occasionally and have fun doing it.

I've quit playing online for a while now. I really miss it sometimes. I was a break even player online, but it was the amount of time I spent playing that bothered me. It is so fucking easy to spend hours and hours and hours playing.

Anyway I still play occasionally at live card rooms. It's more expensive with the rake, gas, tipping dealer, etc but at least I know exactly how long I'm playing and the players are usually a LOT worse than the online players.

I've seriously thought about learning backgammon, that sounds kind of interesting. I'm way too stupid to be good at chess.

Good luck with everything.