Good/cheap headgear?

Who carries good and hopefully not too expensive boxing/MT headgear?

I don't think GOOD and CHEAP should be used together when talking about headgear.

10 cent headgear for a 10 cent head

I don't know. The headgear I got from Big 5 was cheap. It fits well and protects me just fine. Lots better than the stuff at the gym. Check it out. Try it on. See what you think.


what's big 5?

sporting good store, like sports chalet.

what's the cheapest condom out there, as long as we're talking about it?

Seriously though, Century has a good leather (or faux leather) headgear for like $50. That's probably about as cheap as you're going to get for a decent one

check out for twins headgear. i only have a little more than a handful left. it is the best headgear i have ever worn. genuine leather and durable as hell, made in thailand and same equipment used by pros in thailand, email me from the site about what you are looking for and i will check to see if i have it.

Top Ten is a great head gear

Fight gear is ringsides brand

balaz (sp?)