Good counter to the elbow push escape??

Recently I have been getting reversed from side control by the elbow push escape that Marcelo Garcia(most famously) and others use. Basically my opponent will block my cross face and then pass my arm off to his other hand in which he will use a “C grip” to push behind my elbow and either reverse me or keep my body off off him and scoot his hips away recovering his guard. Does anyone know any good ways to counter this? Thanks

I always hip switch as if going to kesa gatame and clear my arm.  Hard to describe with words.

I let him feed it and flop my the side of my hip onto his face. It's kind of like a kesa gatame north south, with my hips pointed towards his legs. It's almost the same position as when you go to reverse kesa gatame and slide your hips upward into his armpit before you step over into mount, but this time you might be on his arm instead of perfectly in his armpit.

He shouldn't be able to do that. Stop flaring your elbow and he won't be able to bass it across his body.

On a SideNote -

I always hip switch as if going to kesa gatame and clear my arm.  Hard to describe with words.

Stopped by to say this.  That goddamn escape infuriates me like few things in BJJ when it's done to me.  Their hand posting in your armpit/elbow is a very strong lever, and if you try to push down into it, you're actually making it stronger.  Next time, try loading some weight onto their hand and then do a powerful hip switch like On a Side Note said.

Also, don't get so married to the position that you lose sight of when it's too late to bail and start attacking in transition.  Anytime you're dead to rights in that escape, you have the opportunity to create a scramble and start head hunting for guillotines or float overs, especially if it's in no-gi.

Being stubborn could ultimately allow him a shot at taking your back, or even get swept so know when to initiate transitions! 

Sit through or walk around to north/south. 

Thanks for the replies. Some good stuff to try out.


i counter with the barrel roll