Good drop in gyms/Houston/Oklahoma

i will be in houston, tx and ardmore, ok for a couple of weeks around christmas. looking for suggestions on any good gyms (nogi) that will let out-of-towners drop in. thanks in advance for any suggestions.


Barnone Guerra's gym is in Houston area. He posts on here sometimes. you have a web address?

any other good suggestions?

Tulsa Top Team. go to and you can find out any info you want on any school in oklahoma

From Ardmore you can run up I-35 to Norman and train at Titan's or go on in to OKC and train at Lavato's.

thanks fellows....will check those out...any more recs are welcome

hey bros thanks for the help....i have my bases covered in houston. still looking for a place in oklahoma...i would love to go to some of the places suggested, however most of them are too far. i will be in ardmore which is about an hour(or more?) south of norman. any suggestions that would be closer to ardmore? thanks again

If you are in Tulsa come by Triton. We have a very flexible schedule and a great crew of over 100 people to roll with. Check us out at or click on the link:


If you are in Ardmore go to the phone book and look up Stefani. He is a purple belt from Brazil just because he has no one to promote him. He is very slick and dangerous.

^^^^ you know if he has a gym there? i'll see if i can look him up...thanks

I do not think he has a gym but you can probably get him for a private at a local gym. It is worth it. He has some crazy armbars. This is one of the guys you never read about because he is not a competitor, just likes to grapple and train for the fun of it.

did not get to train while in ok, however, if anyone is interested...........

i was in walgreens on christmas eve and saw a girl in a jiu jitsu shirt (very strange for ardmore!). i stopped her and asked her about it and she introduced me to her husband/boyfriend(?) who was there with her. guys name is jason sasser and has a small gym in ardmore. if anyone is interested, hit me up for his #.

There are actually a few MMA/Jiu Jitsu gyms in and around Ardmore. A guy named Rod Webb promotes an MMA show every once in awhile there in Ardmore. They had one a couple of months back with Dan Henderson there as the special guest. Hendo did an all day seminar as well.

^^^^^where the hell were you before my trip to oklahoma? haha

In Tulsa, definitely Tulsa Top Team. If you ever make it to Norman, go to Titan and check out Scott Hewitt.

In Houston, even though you have your bases covered, check out Leonardo Xavier...

if you're in houston stop by revolution dojo.