good duplicate file finder?

Here's what it MUST do:

-Return identical files without regard to file names.

-Return identical MP3s without regard to IDtags.

-Return results displayed in a manner that I can see where each version is located & be able to highlight the ones I want to delete.

What it must NOT do:

-Return files because they have identical file names or IDtags, without regard to actual content.

-have over-aggressive AI that returns similar but not identical files. For example, should not return series of animation pics meant to build a movie clip.

Bonus (but not necessary) if:


-Can return identical media files in different formats based on content, not filenames.

Thanks in advance.

google desktop?


umm, no & no; thanks, try again.

you are pretty much SOL if you are looking for a Windows solution that involves no programming.

dafelst, BLAD has some problems with the way he comes off to other people. I don't think he is trying to be a dick, he's just coming off wrong.

Thanks for the help.

But in this case, I AM in fact being a dick. Only because it should be crystal clear from the original post that neither of those solutions come even close to the requested features.

I have a number of apps that come close, but most of them have some weird AI. Was hoping someone else had come across the same problem; no biggie.

Still, this isn't the OG, even if you feel someone didn't follow your commands to the exact letter, you should be more gracious for the effort they put forth. You do come across as a bit abrasive and difficult to help.

Yeah, I come across as abrasive when it appears someone hasn't read what I took time to present as concisely as possible.

Yes, I understand I'm looking for help but I have a busy schedule & would rather get no answer than a wrong one.

If that makes you think I'm a cock, well, fine, no answer from you is probably what I'd prefer, but IN MY DEFENSE:

If you look at what I post in response to questions posed by others on this & other subforums, I think you'll see a very consistent pattern of correct, precise answers.

So keep that in mind the next time I help YOU out. 'cause I'm not gonna hold this exchange against you. I help OGers I think are douches ALL THE TIME.

I used this program many years ago for about the same purpose as what you're asking. While I'm not positive, I do believe it fits the specs. Back in the day it was free, apparently now it's not (but there is a trial). The website mentions a possible search for similar files, but makes it sound like that it's an option you can turn off as well.