Good dynamic stretches for MMA?

anyone got a good program for dynamic stretching for MMA?

I'm already doing static stretching for my legs to help with higher kicks eventually.

Hey RR,
I really like The movement prep from Mark V's core strength book. I use it. I taught it to Kenny, Keith, Mark D, Steve W, and alike. I think it's a great warmup prior to MMA or conditioning in general. One the components everyone wants to forget is flexibility. Foam rolling hot spots and then movement prep is what we use regularly. All the best. Dr. Evil

I would recommend unweighted bent-presses (bending to the side as absolutely far over as possible) and Overhead squats.



Doing leg swings to increase kicking height is a good thing to be doing. I'm pretty sure though that raising under control rather than swinging is recommended by flexibility experts. (I'm pretty sure that's what "Stretching Scientifically by Kurz says anyway)

The other thing to thing about with regard to kicking comfort and performance is your hip and general trunk flexibility. I have found some of the exercises in Scott Sonnon's Intu-Flow and also in a tape called Magnificent Mobilty by Mike Robertson and Eric Cressey to really help. Between these two resources, you can test and improve the ROM in your whole body and really nail down your weak points. The points that I thought were my weak points really aren't.

Lastly, different people have different postural problems and whilst it may seem that flexibility is at fault, it is sometimes strength or even range of motion in a spot unrelated to that where you are having a problem. By working your whole body through its natural range of motion regularly, (I do this two days out of three on average) you can increase your functional ROM and perhaps insulate yourself from injury.

Now I am no expert here like our mods and other professionals but I can tell you this. These programs got me up and about and training again at pretty much full capacity only 12 months or so after rupturing my L5 Disc.

I use a lot of stuff from Martin Rooney's Training for Warriors book and from Pavel Tsatsouline's Super Joints book. With MMA, as with grappling, you need to spend quite a bit of time warming up your shoulders, core, and hips.

I second the Martin Rooney routine. I use it before all my workouts and
even before my fights. Definitely worth checking out.