Good fight Joe.

I thought you looked good in there, and showed a lot of skills. Losing sucks ass, but you will be back stronger than ever!

i agree, good fight and tons of heart.

btw jason reinhardt = pure class

fully agree. I thought you had that heel hook!

 100% agree, was actually disappointed they stopped the fight as I thought he was still intelligently defending himself despite not being able to buck Kenny.  I also hope the elbows to the back of the head didn't affect the outcome.  Either way a great fight by both.

Tell us Joe, did Kenny's constant fanning of your hair help dry it after that shower? After the brutal assault of down filled pillows from Kenny, I don't know how you can even walk again. God bless you and please get better soon.

Yes, that's sarcasm. Joe's mom could see him tomorrow and not even know he was in a fight.

Congrats to Kenny 'i finish fights' Florian. yawn.

 It was a great fight, but this Kenflo hate is embarassing.  Joe will be back and has an outstanding future in front of him.  Hopefully he gets his match he wants with Spencer next.

excellent fight besides the cheap bows. class act jason.


good fight Joe

Yea, great fight. Joe was def. much stronger than Kenny. Lotta upside there.

good fight. Joe did real well and those heel hooks were really close!

kenny is the man

Hey Jason, how much do you think the altitude hurt Joe. It looked like a lot of fighters started to gas earlier than normal?

Great fight Joe, still one of my fav's and you'll be champ after BJ is done.

Only thing i was upset with was not see'ing any GnP instead of those leglock attempts.

Hey keep your head up Joe. Youll be back up there in no time.

 I thought Joe pulled the first round out and he could have definitely won that fight, even with the beating he took, had he survived to the 3rd round.  TTT for both guys.