Good fight show in Perth with MMA

Great fight show on the weekend in Perth hosted by Kalamunda Kickboxing with 8 MT and 2 MMA fights on the card (2 x 5 minutes).

First MMA fight was awesome with Matt Kuhn (BJC) going against Jon Valuri (Heske). It was a tremendous display by the eventual winner Matt Kuhn who split his opponents eyebrow with punches in the first 30 seconds, and then went on a spree of submission attempts and reversals. The fight was action packed and a credit to both fighters for non-stop action but a powerful victory to Matt Kuhn by TKO ref stoppage during the early stages of the second round.

The second MMA fight was Mo (Mohammed) from Melbourne vs. another Perth fighter - can't remember the name but was trained by Poiter Clemens. It was interesting to watch because Mo was almost a foot shorter than his opponent so it was classical tall guy vs. short guy stuff. It was a little scrappier than the first fight but Mo proved to strong in the end and looked a little fitter and stronger during the fight.

Great card of Muay Thai fights also - great fight night.


shit man that suks, oh i mean its all good that mma is here on cards in wa, and that the night went well, but why ami not informed of such events and get a fight on the card god dam it is hard to get fights here in wa. if it weren't for the J man and queensland i would never get to fight

for fights in wa

Cade Brown

Sounds like a good night!!!

'Mo (Mohammed) from Melbourne',

Anyone have any more info on this guy? I never heard of him?


I want to know if the trainer called 'Poiter' is anything like the Eric Bana character from Fast Forward? Mullet-man!!!! ;-P

Ahh no. Sadly Poitr ain't a yobbo. :) I used to train under him and will again in the near future. A topper guy you'll never meet, cept maybe you RotundOne ;)
Chris: shoot Sunil an email at 'Ray Hana's' Martial Arts Suply Store and ask to be kept up to date with fights and tournaments, he emails a big list monthly and can sell you shit too :P
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Oh, BTW, who was the guy Poitr trained for that fight? If it's the tall skinny darkish skinned guy, HUGE props to him!! Wish I was good with names :( I rolled with him a few times and he's got a huge heart and wont give up, even though I had about 20 or more kg's on him! I think the little prick tapped me a few times too.