good fighters from the south?

are there any top 10? i don't mean South America either.

 ATT is in south florida, that would include JZ, thiago alves, mike brown, and a shitload more. brian bowles from hardcore in ga is ranked like 3rd at 135, raphael assuncao trains out of atlanta and he's top 10 at 145. Thats just off the top of my head.

Does Texas count? There's a bunch from Texas.

Forest Griffin, Assucano brothers, Rich Clementi, Alan Belcher, Tim Credeur, Patrick Berry, Kyle Bradley, tons of ATT guys, Travis Leuter,


 Spencer Fisher



 Melvin Guillard

Mad Xyientist -  Melvin Guillard

he said "good" fighters....

rampage and forrest are top ten. but if you are gonna count all the brazilians in florida.... then rampage and forrest don't live in the south. they're in las vegas. i mean people born in the american South. it's kinda odd.

Junie and Rob Browning!! for realz!

oh, and Din Thomas is from Delaware and Florida. that seems like a good pick. i am serious on this one. just joking on the brownings.


micah miller is from Georgia isn't he? I think he's skilled and entertaining.

Skip Hall

Grand Master Mark Bailey

I dont consider Florida "true" south.

and we don't consider you "true" not ghey.

Anyone who does not consider FL the South has never been to Florida. Too many episodes of CSI for you people. That state is so full of rednecks and confederate memorabilia it is not funny. Take a trip through Jacksonville and tell me that ain't the South.

What the HELL does "rednecks and confederate" stuff have to do w/being the true south?

I have seen more of that shit in Indiana than anywhere in the country.