Good footwork drills

Anybody know any. Footwork is the weakest part of my


Some good ones on the boxing forums archives, check them out. A few I posted are as good for Kickboxing as boxing. I my experience early on students have a real problem getting close enough to punch in combination and tend to stay at distance to kick so that they feel effective. This is why i endorse working the hell out of getting in with punches.

Be aware that predictable lateral movement can mean a sore leg, but I use Lateral movement all the time. Of course I constantly move to my right (outside opponents left) if he is orthodox. Getting outside his left is the key, just be aware you have to watch for the left kick or left hook, but this is all that can come your way.

You can also use the lateral step with the right foot to "load" a left kick as you move, so that the opponent is under constant pressure as he tries to adjust. Just dont overuse it and dont back straight out of combinations, work that when you hit pads. After a combination (esp hands only) step put with the right foot and swing the lead left around at 45 degrees, making a sort of J (backwards J vs orthodx, regular J vs southie) and it puts you at a bit of distance and off the centerline of the opponent. Just keep the right hand up and make it a habit to finish to the body (legs count as body too for kicks) and you should be able to pepper guys and get back out without facing their fury by backing straight out. you should ALWAYS use some sort of footwork even when hitting pads. The box drill I describe in bosing archives can be easily applied to pad work. Give it a read and see. I am sutre KK and some of the other guys have some good drills as well.