good % for protein/carb/fat

I am trying to cut some weight.  I am currently about 220, and want to get to 200 and be able to compete anywhere from 190-200. 

I train 5 nights a week (kickboxing M, W, F---BJJ T&Th).  I run  with my dog in the mornings (if I'm too sore I'll atleast walk) Mon thru Fri.

I am trying to increase my strength and cardio endurance.

My current diet consists of about 2000 daily calories, 59% protein/28% carbs/13% fat.  I also drink about .75 to 1 gallon of water daily.

On Friday and Saturday night I usually drink a few gin & tonics.

How does that sound- what do I want to change?  Does the alcohol have to be completely dropped?

IMHO your percentages are better than average - I use 40-40-20

ChemicalSage - has a good diet (the zone) - a lot of people swear by it.

There are lots of ways to skin a cat. I do a Cyclical Ketogenic Diet (CKD) where my ratios are generally 60% (Edit: opps, make that 65%) fat, 33% protein, and 2% carbs with a once a week carb load where the ratios switch to 70% (clean) carbs and 15% each protein and fat. Works for me and I've been on it a year although I stopped for about a month during the holidays. I dropped from 20% bf to around 13% in a few months then I started making my carbup day into more or less a free day to make it easier to maintain the diet. You can drop some fat in a mofo hurry on this diet without losing much muscle mass.

I will say the only strenous activity I get lately is weights a couple of times a week, some running, and 3.5 league tennis. The point being I'm not sure how someone in competitive martial arts would fare on a CKD so YMMV.