Good, Honest place to buy gear

I need to purchase myself some gear. I don't care if it is new or used, but I don't want to end up with crap. Our surplus store here in town is way over priced for what they have and I checked Ebay and ya just never know what you are getting.
I am looking for some field gear...alice pack, sleeping bag, 782 gear etc.
Any ideas?
Also a good place to buy tactical gear - gloves, goggles, knee/elbow pad, compas and such. I've never checked out the london site yet, but the first three are good reputable sites.

As for a sleepbag I say get a Merlin Softe 3 takes up very little space, but it takes some getting used to, no room to move in it. Get a poncho liner too. Knee pads, go for some hard cap Hatch knee pads. I'm not a fan of elbow pads. Besides the shit now is not really all that prone friendly now.

All the shit that goes on your IBA, make sure it's low profile so you move in and out of shit easy like vics. and doorways. If you are carrying more than six mags on your body, your about to get into something you should talk with your chain of command about.

Most importantly camelback plastic dust cover for the mouth piece, and baby wipes. Hygene goes a long way here.

I just picked up a Tactical LBV for $30..Military issuse...hold 6 mag, 2 gernade pockets. I looked at the blackhawk site and they have some nice stuff for a good price. Others have mentioned them before so they seem to be the place to hit.

check out