Good HR monitor reccomendations?

Can anyone point me to some reviews of some HR monitors? I would like one for under or around $50 if that is possible. I don't need a whole lot of bells and whistles, just perhaps alarms for max and min HR that I can set. I see mostly Omron and Timex in that price bracket...

I'm pretty sure that Polar makes a monitor in that price range. I have 2 of their monitors.. one is a cheaper one and the other a higher end cycling computer. Both work great but there are some limitations to the chest strap that you wear. Wind seems to fuck with mine a bit while on the bike and if your into swimming the water may keep lifting the strap off your chest. Barring that, they are good monitors and the chest straps seem to provide the most accurate readings of all the styles.

anyone have experience with the fingertip touch heart monitors??  Are they accurate??