Good idea for restaurants?

One Canadian restaurant is rewarding the parents of young children who behave at the table by giving them a discount on their bill.

Daley and Alicia Welsh were dining at Carino Japanese Bistro in Calgary, Alberta on Mother's Day with their almost one-year-old daughter Evie when they found a surprise on their check.

'When we got the bill, my husband noticed there was a "well behaved kids" discount on it and $5 off our bill,' Alicia Welsh, 34, told 'We just thought it was really sweet and really nice.'

Daley and Alicia Welsh were surprised on Mother's Day after getting the bill at a restaurant in Calgary, Alberta and finding they got a $5 discount because their baby daughter, Evie, behaved herself at the table

Daley and Alicia Welsh were surprised on Mother's Day after
Daley Welsh was so impressed at the gesture, he posted a picture of the receipt to Reddit, where it received 3,000 comments in one day.

'We welcome the kids and wanted to show some appreciation for kids (of course for parents!) with dining manners,' Carino Japanese Bistro owner Toshi Carino told Yahoo Shine.

Mr. Welsh described the 35-seat restaurant with no place for strollers as 'not the most kid-friendly place.' Still, he and Mrs. Welsh went to Carino before they had Evie. And fortunately for them, she was in a good mood on Mother's Day.

'Our daughter is like most babies,' Welsh said. 'She has her on and off days. We avoid taking her out if she's fussy.'

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It will never work. Discrimination lawsuits  the SECOND you don't give one group the same discount as you did another.

Great idea.  But society sucks.


Jhay - blacks would cry discrimination
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