Good Instructional Books & DVD's

I would appreciate it if some of you guys could point me in the right direction as far as Good Instructional Books and DVD's on Catch Wrestling holds, rides, locks, positions etc.

My experience with Catch Wrestling is limited to Tony Cecchines "Lost Art Of Hooking DVD's". I really enjoyed that series and it opened my eyes to a whole different approach to grappling.

I have a BJJ and JJ background but I would like to learn more about Catch Wrestling to improve my mma game!

Also could you guys let me know where or through what site I can purchase any of the books or DVD's that you recommend. Thank you!

You should also look into Fujiwara's "Submission Master" set which can be found here:

Aside from the Fuji material Hidetaka Aso has some great material which can often be found on eBay or Jake has put out several books that are collections of rare materials on Catch Wrestling and those too can be found on


I also have LAOH, but it's not very good, IMO. There are SOME nice nuggets on there, but......

The Scientific Wrestling DVD library is well worth the money. I have experienced the pain that is Fujiwara up close and personal. The man is the REAL DEAL!

You could also contact Billy Wicks through

You can get some good folkstyle, freestyle, or greco roman vids from

Join USA wrestling, and you can learn firsthand. No subs, but once you learn to wrestle and control a guy, subs will be there for the taking.


If you are interested in Catch, I would get:

*Any of Jake's books on Catch, personally I like the first one cause I'm partial to Strangler Lewis

*Fujiwara DVD's(pretty good)

*Any of Erik Paulson's material as well(he's not technically a "catch" guy but his material is influenced by Catch to an extent)

*Hidetaka Aso's Submission Bible

Personally, I think the best way to learn Catch is to get a general idea of how the submissions are applied and start studying Amatuer wrestling books and vids. From this, take what you see and look for submissions from those classical wrestling holds and positions. Most holds in wrestling are mere inches away from a submission hold.

Learn all you can about wrestling then start applying submissions by modifying your position.

Of course, I personally like Cecchine's material too but that's only if it works for you.

Thanks guys!

There is something about the CACC style of wrestling and submission holds that really appeals to me! The more I read and learn the more I like it (and believe that I am well suited to it).

Im not a novice when it comes to mma I've had 8 fights (6-2-0) and hold two current Heavyweight Australian MMA Titles. But I would like to add catch techniques to my mma game!

Thanks again for the info!

I say the best dvd on catch wrestling are Fujiwara, they be really good if you can understand what he is saying eg like what he say about leverage, fulcum
i think jake is gettinfg translated version out which should be really good

that all you need translated fujiwara dvd to learn catch wrestling

Fujwara stuff is really good ,and combat wrestling "kiguchi dojo" style is not too bad either.Having a submission back ground you will probably understand the fujiwara material with out sub titles.It's an excellent dvd "imo"

Hey Sith, where would one find the kiguchi dojo material?

Maybe check with budo videos ,or I'm always willing to trade for something of interest.Leave your email and If I can help you.

If you have the complete combat wrestling series, you have a very complete approach... and it fits nicely with the Fujiwara material...

The only thing remotely close on budovideos was a "Combat Wrestling 10th Anniversary DVD" full of matches, but not an instructional. I've been watching the LAOH set that I recently picked up and can't help but be amazed at the moves shown on there. Tony shows techniques that I've never seen before, and from all sorts of positions.

I got this combat wrestling tape about six years ago .I traded some other instructionals for it.The sad thing is I can't rember the guys e-mail address .All I do rember is that he lived near New Orleans.

Sith, unfortunately I likely don't own anything in my collection that you don't already have (e.g. Fujiwara Sub Master, Gotch Conditioning, LAOH, etc), but let me know at if you come across the guy's name from New Orleans.

Anyone here from the New Orleans area?

That 10th anniversary combat wrestling is probably very cool.I have some combat wrestling tournaments ,and it's non stop action .Really enjoy watching those japanese guys.

Does anyone here have the "navy wrestling manual " if not it can be found at paladin press.I don't own it ,and I'm hoping one of you do so I can get the heads up on it.

Speaking of the Fujiwara dvd, how is his English on the dvd and how well does he explain the material? Another post talked about the kneebars he teaches on it, but what about neck cranks? I've always wanted to learn more neck cranks (all I know are can openers and the crucifix). Does anyone know any good dvds that cover neck cranks & leg locks specifically?