good intermediate no gi DVD

Hi, I posted in October for a good beginner set DVD for me to help my
son with his MMA game. We got the Renzo/Kukik series and have used it

a lot and really enjoyed it. He wants a more intermediate no gi set to
change things up, what do you recommend? Thanks 2point

Straight Blast Gym FJKD 2, especially if you guys are into MMA. It's got
great BJJ, plus a standup tape and a clinch tape.


Baret Yoshida

Marcio Feitosa no gi DVDs (there are 3) from

"Marcio Feitosa no gi DVDs (there are 3) from"

I dont think he has any; at least not on island.

Feitosa is on

I would highly recommend Baret's book/dvd combo at budovideos or his 3 dvd set on the no gi guard.



Saulo Ribiero

Thanks Guys!!! I will look into all of these. Wish I could buy them all but not this close to after Christmas. I heard Erik Paulson has great stuff?? Thanks Again 2point

erik paulson is always good; but will throw you a barrage of techniques without too much of a gameplan or strategy.

But since u asked for intermediate dvds, you should be able to incorporate it.

Baret Yoshida's instructional book/dvd combo from Budovideos, about $25

Marc Laimon no-gi remix from OnTheMat, about $20

Get them both so he can study from instructional and competition footage. Great value at under $50.

All of Stephan Kesting's DVDs are very good ( He doesn't just show a bunch of fancy moves, he focuses on a submission or position and breaks it down to its concepts and principles.

If you only get one of his DVDs then I would suggest his 1/2 guard DVD because 1/2 guard is a position that you will end up in alot.