Good intro to BJJ any?

Is there a decent video anywhere on the net that shows what BJJ is all about? I mean if you had to describe BJJ to a newbie what video would you show them? Maybe Gracie's In Action? I'd like the video to be entertaining and show various submission moves.

Guys at work always strike a crazy kung-fu pose when I said I was going to jiu jitsu after work, despite explaining multiple times that "its like wrestling, its theres no punching or kicking".

I showed a few guys the highlight video of Jacare on google video:
so they could see what it really is. The video shows a lot of throws/takedowns which although more judo-ish, atleast make it exciting to a novice. Really sweet guard passes or a great half-guard game don't mean anything to a newbie.

how about the Rickson and Royler demonstration at one of the early Pride events?

It is widely found on the net and shows the fluidity and diversity of techniques.

A few yers ago there was a video posted of Genki Sudo at the Westside submission tournement. I had it in very high quality but had a hard drive failure and lost it. I liked that one and the Rickson Royler demo.

Found it on the net in low quality.

thanks guys...its hard to explain jiu-jitsu to a newbie, they truly got to see it in action. A higher quality Sudo video would kickass. That's one of my favorite highlights.

Gracie In-Action, the Royler and Rickson demo in Pride is good too.

Maybe the most entertaining and to the point would be, show them the Bob Sapp vs. Nog fight.