good job carlo and shaun

I would just like to thank Carlo Prater and Shaun Beckett for putting up two awesome fights. You guys are true warriors and two of the toughest dudes I have ever fought. I didn't think that Shaun and I could ever have a better fight then our first one, but we did and it was a great battle. A stand up war filled with great jiujitsu transitioning by both fighters; NICE UPKICKS BY THE WAY ASSHOLE, my eyes pretty swollen from that! I know that Carlo is kicking himself because he was winning a very close fight until I caught him with a hail mary gillotine...we'll fight again bro, great fight! All and all this was the best fight show I have seen in a long while and would like to thank Christian and Sole Soliz for having all of us in their event. Thanks also to Joey, Amos, Sonia and my brother Sean for being the most emotional, supportive corner ever!
Can't wait to fight again. I am ready next week
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Congratulations Drew. An impressive return back to the ring by all accounts. I've heard great things about Prater so its a huge win!

I would pay good money to see that fight on tape!

Alex Caporicci (On Demand Fight Team)

TTT for a great post.

Congrats, Drew!

good job drew

good job drew

look forward to having you soon in new orleans drew

Right on, bro.