Good Kettlebell Workout Site/App?

Hello friends,

So my wife and I just had a baby, and she is finally motivated to goto the gym in the morning before work which means I now skip the gym after shift in the morning, and watch the little one all day.  It’s too cold/icy in the northeast to throw the kid in the jogger and go running, but I realized I can grab a kettlebell and a jump rope and workout at home.


Im already planning different variations of simple and sinister, and mixing up swings, snatches, cleans, squats, Turkish get ups, burpees and jumping rope.  Looking for more of a cardio/HIIT type of workout.


So I ask, is there a good website or APP, or kettlebell program to follow?


Thanks in advance!

Awesome I’ll check that out, thanks!


Just dawned on me to paroos reddit 

Steve Maxwell, Steve Cotter and Pavel Tsatsouline.  Look them up on YouTube, they’re pretty much the god fathers of modern Kettlebell practices