Good Kyle Vivian story from this weekend...

FRAT, but pretty funny.  

Thought this part of the forum could use a good chuckle.

Last weekend there was an amateur show in Sault Ste. Marie, run by a promoter that usually does stuff in Michigan.  I was skeptical that it would happen at all, but low and behold, the show goes off.  I only have one guy from my club fighting and another girl that I coach in wrestling that I am cornering as a favour.  We get to weigh ins and our guy makes weight no problem. 155 lbs on the dot.  His opponent is MIA.  They finally show up and step on the scale.

168 lbs.  They don't seem concerned.

I'm dumfounded. I tell him no way.  Our guy worked hard to get to weight.  They start saying the fight was at the 160 lb weight class.  I tell them no such weight class exists, the weight class is 155 lbs.  His coach says "yeah 155 to 160".  I don't even know what to say.  Even if the fight was at the imaginary weight class of 160, they were stil 8 fucking pounds over.

I tell them if he makes 160 we would consider it.  So I take him to get a sauna suit and bring him to a gym with a sauna, get him in there, on a bike etc... (That is not a typo.  I brought him.  His opponents coach, instead of his own coach who was doing lord knows what).   Get this kid in his suit and on a bike, put him in the sauna, do a bunch of sauna rotations and after almosty 2 hours the kids is down to .... drumroll... 166.  Our guy comes from a strong boxing background, and takes making weight seriously.  He says no way to the fight.

I bring him back and tell the promoter it's a no go.  The kids coach starts saying "well if you don't accept, your guy loses and our guy wins".  I told him that's not the way it works and  that in order to win a fight, there must first be an actual fight.  He says "yep, that's the way it works in the pros, I have 8 pro fights"  

I ask him what his name is.

"Kyle Vivian"

Bingo.  It all makes sense now.

I tell him we aren't taking the fight and he keeps saying "your guy loses then".  

Just before midnight, after getting my # fromt he promoter, Vivian texts me with a fuzzy video of his guy weighing in.  You can't see any of the numbers on the scale, but he says "there, our guy made 157, you have to take the fight now, or he loses".  The fucking guy made his fighter cut weight all night after the fight was off.  Our fighter had already gone out to drink and party, after going through a camp and having the fights scrapped, so he is defintiely not fighting.


Anyways, I heard a lot of stories about this guy, but this was my first face to face meeting with this Canadian MMA legend.

Does he have development/intellectual issues?

155 is pretty universal. Also, it's pretty much universal that you are given a single pound grace at 155 so you can weigh in no more than 156. Unless it's a title fight and then you get no leeway. On top of this, you usually get no more then 2 to 3 hours to make weight if you miss weight during the official weigh in when you weigh in again at an official weigh in. Both pasrties have to be present at the weigh ins.

I would make sure that this assclown doesn't try and to have this added to his fighter's official win record and try to put it on your fighter's record as a loss.



He tried to weigh in but got triangled Phone Post 3.0