Good little 3 min kettle bell workout for back

not back workout to do a couple times
for a workout…functional stuff

Гиря 24 кг. Три эффективных упражнения для спины! - YouTube


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That swing to directly overhead stuff is wild, I may have to give it a go.

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Cheapest place to buy kettle bells?

I do some kettle bell-esque workouts with some light dumbbells I’ve got, but I think it’d be safer I used the real thing.

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yeah your whole back
just feels better after that type of swing

sometimes even walmart has cheap kettle bells
i got one there on sale before


Competitive kettle bells is the most retarded sport ever. It’s like if you gave CrossFit fetal alcohol syndrome.


That’s called a snatch.

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great excerise

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Omgosh. Everyone I’ve ever seen that does kettlebell workouts looks like shit. If you want to add muscle mass workout like a man. Lift weights. Do squats, deadlifts, bench press, etc. If your training wrestling, wrestle, kickboxing, kickbox. Idiots

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Good little 3 min workout. My gosh what a faggot to even post this. Yeah, you’ll reach your goals doing a “good little” workout……

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your welcome bro

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you seem like the type of “man”
that watches men’s bodybuilding contests alone at 3 am

studying jay cutler’s inter thigh muscles CLOSELY

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You seem like the kind of man that loves penis and does useless workouts and has added almost no muscle to his body for years. Right?

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And why would I be looking at a NFL quarterback thighs? That one went over my head you cock smoocher…

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ok wimpy queer keep watching oiled up bodybuilders in speedos
you must have season’s tickets to the local MEN’S bodybuilding shows

and no queer your not the only one who knows that there is also a football
player with the name jay culter…FAIL

ps so your saying kettle bells are useless?
so why have so many world and Olympic champions used them?

hope that did not go about your tiny little head