Good Luck Anthony Ladonna

I want to wish luck to my good frined Anthony Ladonna, fighting out of Team Serra Longo. He'll be fighting this weekend in Ring Of Combat at the Tropicanna in A.C., N.J. He's been busting his ass preparing for the fight. He'll be fighing Tom Vasquez out of the always tough, Team End Game. Go out there and fight your fight brother, take it to him and bring home another W to Strong Island. I know you'll do it!!!

TTT for T-Bone Ladonna "MMA's Richest Man"

This is what a serial killer looks like...


I'm glad to see Hybrid doesn't hate everyone from Serra.

(This is not meant to be a slam and please don't take it personally.)

All the best to Anthony Ladonna!!!

Cheers, Maryanne.

CJJ, not at all... I appreciate the humor. There was just that one guy (You know the one that can tell me about free checking for life, and no ATM fees). I have ALOT of friends that train there. I also have a ton of respect for Ray and Matt. I think they deserve evry bit of the success they have, both very cool guys IMO. But let's not get side tracked here, this thread is about one of my best buddies and wishing him well on a great win and an injury free fight this weekend. Kick some ass Anthony, hands up and chin down bro.

LOL @ free checking for life and not ATM fees!

WAR Ladonna and Team Serra/Longo!

Hybrid Jon, are you the dude with the brother that trains at United MMA?

Good Luck Anthony!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Your Boy


Im gonna be sitting in the crowd watching Ladonna while Hybrid is putting away the Bear claws. Hey, save me a Boston Cream !


Guido, I told my job I was coming in late Friday night. I'm driving 3
hours to AC to watch you take this guy out. The second your fights
over I have to jump back in the car and drive three hours back to go to
work. Thats what friends do. Good luck brudda.

Yes, I am the proud brother of Artie Weidler.

Focker, I love doughnuts but I hate anyhting to do with Boston in October. Go Rockies and Go Ladonna!

I want my Ladonna T-shirt and believe me, I wont have any "black tape"!


LOLOL, then save me a box of munchkins

OH SNAP, it was YOU that was responsible for the black tape? And I
thought it was Fileep all along........

LOL, i was in the locker room with Luke and recieved a call asking if i had any BLACK TAPE in my bag, wasn't me


T-BONE GOOD LUCK BROTHER! Take it to him, Break him, Hurt him , Kill Him do what you do best....
Love Ya Sal.

Blame it on Fileep. I'm going to bed. BTW, Mikey Ices scored me some
tickets for Dec 29th. YEZZIR!!!

TTT and keep it there. Go Ladonna!