Good Luck Anthony Ladonna

"Yes, I am the proud brother of Artie Weidler."

I told you before, he's got sick wrestling skills. He was definitely frustrating Joe with takedowns.

Yo, Focker, I emailed you, man. You left me hanging. Is it 'cos I is black? :(

OH SHIT sallyblindside is gonna be there? Watch ya back, people.

LOL @ the bling, Jon. It suits Guido well.

LOL, i mailed you back, my pc was down


I got two bricks for ya, Bing Bang, Bing Bang Boom!

Kostakio:Most NCAA champs do have decent takedowns.

Yeah Hulk, if Sallys around ya better grow eyes in the back of your head. Half of his K.O.'s have been against guys that never knew they were in a fight.

TTT for T-Bone Ladonna, enjoy the after-party guys.


More than half my K.O.s came from guys not looking,If I remember right when you fight someone your supposed to Throw punch es in bunches not wait and get hit....

Yeah they werent, loooking because I was molesting their girlfriend in a bar booth 5 feet away. Your welcome. TTT Ladonna!!!!

WAR GUIDO..... Bing Bang, Bing Bang Boom!!!!

How did weigh in's go? any pics? TTT For Anthony!

He just called me , weigh ins went well. He made it easy, and I read him this thread. He says thanks to all you guys and He's gonna give ya a hell of a show tomorrow. Go T-Bone, wish I could be there.


Good luck Anthony.

8.5 hours to fight time bro. He's the second fight of the night. TTT T-Bone!!

im leaving to go to Ac at 2:30, hit me on my cell if you want detail


Thanks Focker, drive safe bro.