Good luck Big Perm!

Tim "Big Perm" Persey is fighting Saturday night on Showtime against Bo Cantrell.

Best of luck Perm!

Get that win and go do your thing at the club with your groupies!

ttt because I can!

I think Ray is better off explaining that.

Its early on the Left Coast.

He's busy dreaming about groupies and beer bongs.



That looks old...He looks trimmer in the first pic...

That pic is several years old.

He's MUCH slimmer now.


Big up to Perm....he go put it down in memfis

congrats on losing weight...

"So what is the story behind "Big Perm"? "

I'm curious too...I'm guessing it comes from the flick "Friday" but how?

That's one cool dude. Always has respect every time I see him. Heard he has something big comming up. Congrats Big Tim. Brian Warren

Perm is good people and he DOES have big things coming up VERY soon.

"Perm is good people and he DOES have big things coming up VERY soon."

A BIG dick in Rays mouth I heard!

Going with my man Bo on this one. But I have heard nothing but good things about Persey. If Big PErm stands with Bo it will be a very exciting fight.


Joebatters, Perm will stand with ANYONE. I know Bo is a tough dude, so it should make for a great fight.


WAR PERM!!!!!!

LOL....look at Mo talking shyt when I'm in Thailand...unable to heel hook him.

LOL @ Ray saying he's in Thailand.

We all know thats code for "I'm currently filming TUF 5".