Good luck Jason Brazeal!

Braz fights his second pro fight tomorrow night in Tul$a.

I predict Brazeal by ground and pound KO Round 1.

Good luck Braz, Tul$a Top Team is behind ya (literally)!


Tul$a Top Team Website

Give 'em hell Jason

brazeal is my favorite over you


Brazeal is a great guy - good luck to him.

Brazeal is good peeps and a BADASS fighter.


Braz won by RNC in 1:27 of the First Round.

Fuck yeah!

That's two fights, two wins, two minutes of total fight time!

"I was drunk and laughed a lot."

I find that very easy to believe.

Who's the guy with the black shirt and the mean look on his face?

Thats one fancy lil fella with the 'faux-hawk'.
TTT for midwest domination!

NOTICE the perfect technique used by Mr. Brazeal!!!

good stuff.

viva brazeal!

ttt fot the TTT Superstar, Jason Brazeal.

Damn, i dont think i ever even seen this thread!

Thanks guys, even though its about 9 months later.