Good luck Jorge Gurgel at FFC!

I want to give a shout out to my teacher, Jorge, who's fighting tonight at FFC VIII.

I have no doubt he will win in impressive fashion, however it is hard to guess how it will end... standing KO? Submission? It is a tough choice, but my guess is strikes on the ground.

Good luck Jorge!


I also want to say that meathook jones is awesome. Maybe he'll post some pics on this thread!

Sounds like Steve Kinnison is very tough... a slam KO! I look forward to seeing the fight. Too bad I can't see it live.

I will be there!!! :)


Best of luck, Jorge!!!!!

I saw Jorge a couple weeks ago....he was in the best shape ever. I'm quite sure he'll win. Best of luck !!

I know Russ (mmaphotos) is going to the show, so I hope to see some good pics of all the fights.

Jorge look great! Congrats!

Dave Gomez