good luck jorge!

once again i was not able to call jorge before he left
today so i am hoping his brother or another team elite
guy will let him know i said good luck!



Go Jorge! mandela...he's with Jorge.


Go Jorge!!

Go Jorge!!!

I think Jorge is being seriously underestimated in this fight. I'm picking him to win.

Good luck Jorge

go Jorge!!!!!

Jim de

Good Luck Jorge!!

Good luck Jorge!!!

I'll def. let him know 'Im talking to him today, WUUUZZZZP BOSTON, I miss home. Hey Jim D. GO RED SOX !!!! Hugo ttt

I promise you that this will be the fight of the night.

what's up Mike, Hugo

We'll be there. Back to the Monaco.

Best of luck to the Conquistador

TTT for the monaco

who the hell is he fighting?

Make it happen Jorge

TTT, No Doubt