Good Luck Mahood !!!!!!!!!!!!

I want to wish Bill the best of luck and hope he has the best performance of his carreer. He matches up with Griffin extremely well and I am sure will make everyone watching who does not know him instant fans. Joe Silva could not have put a better fight together considering what people will be expecting from Griffin after his war with Bonnar.

It figures for me the one UFC I have not been able to see live since the beginning of the UFC it would be this one.

Booked a fishing trip without thinking of the date damn it.

Best of luck Bill !!


I am betting on Mahood.

This is a very close and even fight, in my opinion. It should be one of the night's best.

Good Luck Mahood!!

Good luck!

Go Bill!

I enjoyed forrest on TUF, seems like a good guy, but I'm cheering for the butcher

lets see a 'haseman-esque' beatdown!

esk....what was I thinking

Agreed. Good luck. Make B.C. proud.

Good luck Bill, and remember to have fun!


cough, cough, elbows, cough, cough

sneeze, open the cut Bill

Get'er done Butcher!!!

Awesome Bill Mahood Hightlight on subfighter!Good luck Bill I say Mahood wins by HighKick to the head since Forrest has been Ko'ed by high kick in the past but it's a fight anything can happen.

Break a leg (someone else's leg) Bill!!!

Go Billy go! We are all pulling for you!
Be careful when kicking- be sure and make every shot count. You can do it Bill!

Time for a dose of the same medicine you gave Haseman!

Enjoy the fight Bill!



Good luck Bill!! You made this happen. Go take your reward. This is definitely the main event.

Good luck bill,congrats on making it to the ufc.

guilotine master good to see you on here buddy.

i was going to ask who is cornering Bill but there is a pic with him and Denis Kang there so i guess i got my answer
best of luck Bill
pic as posted on the underground