Good luck Renzo...

I truly wish Renzo the best vs. Newton this weekend. Renzo was the first person I met in MMA (well before I was involved). He was a genuinely good man, and a great instructor.

That said, this should be a great fight. I can't wait to see the video of the event, as these are two of the best grapplers in N. America.

Here's hoping Renzo comes out of the fight healthy. He and Frank are scheduled for Feb., and I'm truly looking forward to seeing Frank face a true test. Again, Renzo vs. Frank will be a match of two of the greatest grapplers in N. America.

Thank you Renzo, for providing the fans with great matchups. You've been one of the true warriors and gentlemen in the sport, and for that you've always had my respect.

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Good luck Renzo

Kick his ass Renzo.

Newton by flying droganball lol .. sorry I had too. Good luck to both


Renzo's the man, that said I'm pulling for the Ronin. Newton by KO, just a feeling.

Is it on TV live?

i believe it will air new years eve but check listings to be sure. i am seeing live!!!! i cant wait!!!!

Good Luck I also want to see u fight Frank


Good Luck Renzo!

ttt Renzo


Newton looked like he was over 200 in August. He should be a majorly muscled up 185'er.

Both are so tough to submit, how does this one end?

ttt for Renzo, a true warrior.

ttb for Frank pulling the Buffalo Bill dicktuck.  I'm sure he would do him, but he tucked against the badass

I'll be there and rooting for Renzo!


ttt for Renzo


I'm still down with the Renzo!

Good luck Renzoo???