Good luck team Canada ADCC thread!

I want to wish best of luck to team Canada at the ADCC NA Trials. Good luck Rob, Mark, Corey, Phil and Karim. You are the Canadian champs and I am sure you will do us proud.

TTT for Canadian Grapplers!!!

good luck guys. Kick some ass.

Good luck guys. Do us proud!


Good Luck!


Good luck boys, tear it up!!

Make a mess

Tap 'em. Tap 'em good.

TTT - Good Luck

good luck fellas

Good luck Mark and Scott!

Good luck from the Magnuson crew.

All the best gentlemen!

Good luck dudes!!!!

Good luck!

Good luck Bocek!!!

Good luck guys!


Can't wait...let's hope one of our boyz can take their fivision and represent us at the worlds.

Spider has an EXCELLENT chance of doing this, as does Bocek. Kareem will have his hands full, but again, he's got the skills and 'brain' to win his division.

While Cory and Phil are 'new' to the scene, both guys are coming in as complete unknowns and can shock their competitors. Look at Shaun Krysaa 2 years ago as he battled Eddie Bravo and only lost 2-0 I believe.

Schilling, Nick Ring and others will be there as well and hopefully, we'll have some new champs to talk about this weekend.

TEAM CANADA - I'll see you guys tonight at around 11:30pm. My flight lands at 10:30pm. Talk soon...

Showdown Joe

Good luck guys!

All the best guys!